The Heart of the Park: MFA Exhibition, 2012

Preliminary Investigations at City Park, 2011

Guardians: Care-taking and Place-making on St. James Court, 2011

Intersections (with video generated with the Camera Obscura Pack), 2010

Camera Obscura Pack, 2010

The Tesseract Archives, 2010

The Garden of Forking Paths, 2009

Walking in your Landscape, 2008




I use print media, photography, sculpture, interviews, sound, and video as tools to investigate, interpret, and record the layers of history stored within specific sites. In response to the historical archive, my work emphasizes opportunities for community-based research and interactive display, in which local residents reveal complex stories about the place in which they live.   I gather these individual histories to create access to a collective memory of a location, and reveal the continuous, social process of its reinterpretation. I have developed a role as a traveling archivist, and apply specific interpretive strategies to provide new points of entry and perspectives to these sites.  I use a set of customized tools that mediate both my investigations and the final presentation of my process. They combine antique, obsolete, and digital technologies. Recent devices include a handmade camera obscura video-recorder and digitally-printed stereographs, which create a tension between direct observation and the creation and presentation of images. With these tools, I create interactive environments that provide multiple modes of access to the collective memory of a site. preliminary investigations at city park guardians intersections camera obscura pack tesseract archives garden of forking paths walking in your landscape